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Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
the store is reacting to the allegations tonight. >> 261 miles to the gallon. the most energy efficient car in the world and it's here in northern virginia. we have a close up look at the >>> right now fire investigators in boston are looking for the cause of an incredible blaze in a commercial building. a fleet of vehicles and several hours to conquer this. flames were leaping from the windows. it was vacant and undergoing republicnovation renovations. a brick firewall helped them accomplish it not spreading. >>> an embarrassing mistake is coming back to haunt the u.s. postal service. they depicted a replica of a statue at a casino in las vegas. the sculptor is suing for copy write infringement. they won a half million dollar settlement on similar grounds. >>> tsa screeners at the airports find all sorts of stuff when they check luggage. some items confiscated are stranger than others. for example, one bag contained a brick. that's right, a brick. agents discovered a smoke grenade in one person's luggage sown into the lining of a carry on bag. several flair guns were confiscated, pepper sp
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm EST
rolling around in their head. >> the actors say performing live on television will bring a new energy to the production. you can watch it tonight here on nbc 4 at 8:00. >> a tribute to actor paul walker goes viral. who is behind the video commemorating the fast and furious star killed in a car crash over the weekend? >>> good news for the two dozen whales stranded off the coast. the latest in the effort to herd them out of shallow waters. >>> veronica, what is the weather like now? >> right now, fine. the temperature is going to go downhill. the winter-like weekend we have coming up as we look at icy travel this weekend. starting when, ending when and >>> a tribute video for actor paul walker has got more than a million views on youtube. it was released by universal studios. it's a compilelation from the clips of "fast and furious" franchise. he died in a firy crash in california. a friend of walker's was behind the wheel and also killed. walker died from a combination of injuries resulting from the impact of the crash and explosion. universal pictures put filming on fast and furious
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2